Soundtrack Museum – Peng! Collective

In this podcast, Jean Peters of the Peng! Collective talks about artistic freedom, a moral compass, and the artistic work of Peng!
The artist collective Chicks on Speed (CoS), founded in Munich in the mid-1990s by Alex Murray-Leslie, Kiki Moorse, and Melissa Logan, is known for
Contemporary art interferes: The works and actions in the exhibition Beat the System! Provocation in Art feature socio-critical, social, and political elements. 
Today, music produces social relationships that no longer require any proprietorship. However, it still cannot operate independently of the system without itself being part
Christoph Schlingensief investigated political and social conditions in his work, on the basis of a wide variety of media, and thus followed the concept
In the evening at the museum. An exceptionally great number of guests gather in the “Mulde” of the Ludwig Forum and are eagerly awaiting


Roy Adzak
Hans-Peter Alvermann
Karel Appel
Dieter Asmus
Georg Baselitz
Joseph Beuys
Joseph Beuys & Lothar Wolleh
Peter Bömmels
KP Brehmer
Werner Büttner
Chicks on Speed
Walter Dahn
Michael Deistler
Die Goldenen Zitronen
Martin Flesch
Franz Gertsch
Peter Herrmann
Christian Jankowski
Allen Jones
Martin Kippenberger
Elke Krystufek
Hartmut Kaminski & Robert Filliou
Mischa Leinkauf
Petr Lysácek
Piero Manzoni
Die Tödliche Doris
Wolfgang Müller
Albert Oehlen
Julian Opie
Klaus Paier
Sandrine Pelletier
Peng! Kollektiv
Raymond Pettibon
Uwe Pfeifer
Sigmar Polke
Pussy Riot
Matthias Schamp
Hans Scheib
Cornelia Schleime
Christoph Schlingensief
Schwabinggrad Ballett/Arrivati
Andrzej Steinbach
Peter Thomann
Anna Uddenberg
Don van Vliet
Franz Erhard Walther
Annette Wehrmann


I have a good relationship with Art, and I also have a good relationship with Anti-Art.

Joseph Beuys