Peng! Kollektiv


Freedom of Movement is a Capitalist Right

Peng! Kollektiv, GoldenNFT – Freedom of Movement is a Capitalist Right, 2021, media performance, Courtesy of the artists, © photo: Ludwig Forum Aachen

Peng! is hacking the EU – the collective is causing a deliberate short circuit between EU policy of sealing itself off and hyper-capitalism. Every day people leave their homes, fleeing war, poverty, and natural disasters. Their destination is Europe, the proud cradle of human rights. For many, the journey ends in a prison camp. Some die. But there is another way: Those, who are rich enough, can simply buy access to the EU. Via a Golden Visa. By making an adequate investment, anyone can obtain civil rights in the EU – rich criminals from all over the world show us how this is done. 

The hack: Now people who are seeking protection turn into investors. They utilize the overheated digital art market for NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) to purchase civil rights in the EU. Specifically for this experiment, artists (including Nora Al-Badri, bitnik, Nadine Kolodziey) as well as artists from refugee camps at the EU border, have created digital art. The profits will be donated to a family who is seeking protection to secure them their Golden Visa. The higher the prices of the works will rise, the more families will be granted protection in the EU. The Peng! Collective beats capitalist nation states at their own game – and makes use of their greed. The experiment starts now: GoldenNFT!

Peng! Kollektiv

Peng! Kollektiv feat. Nora al Badri, Sibylle Berg, !Mediagroup! Bitnik, Liat Gravyer, Nadine Kolodziey, Felix Kosok, Gretta Louw, Rui Major, Volker Behrend Peters, Tayyebeh Rasouli, reFOCUS medialab, Jill Senft, UBERMORGEN, Nushin Yazdani, Yes Men & Laura Zalenga